7 extraordinary ways to overcome writer's block

Jumat, April 08, 2016

Professional writer’s said writing is easy. But for amateur writer’s, writing can be a difficult thing  when there is not any idea or  when one is not in a good mood, often called as writer’s block.

what can we do to overcome the writer’s block?

Mostly, every professional writers recommend to read a lot of books before writing, so that you won’t  get stuck and having writer’s block.  Every professional writer said to first make a headline and then outline. Most people do this and after that they can write easily.

But, what if after you do that and you still get stuck?

Relax guys, I have 7 extraordinary ways to overcome your writer's block.

1. Broken – Hearted situation

Did you know the most romance stories, Laila and Majnun made because Khalil Gibran was having broken-hearted?  People said Khalil Gibran had tragic romance and that inspired him to write his tragic romance became Laila and Majnun. Wondering if Khalil Gibran has a wonderful romance, maybe we can’t see Laila and Majnun, but Laila and the Prince.

2. Persecuted

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Why being often persecuted can overcome your writer’s block? Because, God grantevery person's prayer who gets persecuted, easily.

3. Bathroom time

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Yup! We know every brilliant idea is made from here!  So, prepare your pen and paper in the bathroom if you  don’t want to lose your idea when you in the bathroom.

4. Be a Deadliner

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The Power of Kepepet!  Yup! Every person who has a deadline, sometimes surprisingly have more power and brilliant idea to do everything especially writing.

5. Be Divergent

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Sometimes when we discuss things with our parents, partner, and friends; we can't say everything we want. Therefore write your opinion when you have a different opinion with them.

6. Buy a Smartphone with water resistant feature

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This is to support you in the bathroom and while taking a shower. The smartphone with water resistant feature can assist  you to write anywhere.

7. Stalking Your Ex

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Stalking Your Ex in social media  is a must if you want to write easily. In consideration to that, your skill writing will increase and your emotion too.

So, these are 7 extraordinary ways to overcome your writer’s block, but don’t try this at home especially the last tips. See you soon ^^

4 komentar:

  1. Setuju kak sama tips ke-3, tapi ge pernah nyiapin apa2, he..
    kalau tiba2 muncul ide, diingetin terus baru nanti ditulis, hehe..
    Tapi tips2 nya bermanfaat semua kak, terimakasih..
    Salam kenal sebelumnya kak Yulia..
    *maaf ga bisa komen pake bhs Inggris ^^

  2. hihihi.. makasih Aisyah udah mau mampir ^^

  3. Hahaha justru pas patah hati ide2 tulisan mengalir lancar ya? :))
    Pengalaman juga seh #eh :P

  4. hahaha.. jadi bener ya, jadi lancar nulisnya hihihi .. makasih sudah mau mampir


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